About Me


I’m an Australian textile enthusiast with two small children.  While on maternity leave the economy crashed and my previous industry of public health has all but disappeared.  So now I’m embarking on a ‘thread change’.  It’s like a sea change but with more stitching.

I’m interested in most crafts that don’t involve glue (I hate having sticky fingers) but currently focus mostly on crochet, sewing and both hand and machine embroidery.  I’m also currently housing several unfinished and finished knitting and quilting projects and really want to try spinning, weaving and bobbin lacemaking.

As for the name, it’s in honour of a mother possum that used to visit the balcony around dinner time at my mother-in-law’s house.  The baby possum on her back was so cute and she started visiting at about the same time I had my first baby.  As it isn’t my balcony plants that’s she’s methodically destroyed, I think of her fondly.

I live in hope that at some point the toddlers will sleep well enough that I can get some of my own design and creations up for sale.


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