New Project: Oriental Lily Dress (maybe a tunic, haven’t decided yet)

The finished bodice for the Oriental Lily dress with Moda Vera Playful in pink colourway

Even though I still haven’t finished so many of my WIPs, I’ve started a new project for the Winter.  I’m following Georgie Hallam’s free pattern for her Oriental Lily Dress.  It’s a lovely, simple design both to knit and to look at.  It would be great for a new-ish knitter looking to make their first garment or for someone looking for a quick and low key project to take to a knitting group or work on while watching TV (or someone who like me is sleep deprived due to the extended and combined efforts of their children).  Based on a Japanese aesthetic, it can be worked as a dress or tunic has a simple A line shape with a crossed bodice and a mock obi sash.  The pattern is worked from the top down using only simple stitches and with stitch markers for any increase points.  The bodice is started flat and then joined with an overlap to make the crossover and from there on the obi and the skirt are worked in the round.  The stitches for the sleeves are passed on to waste yarn and worked as ‘afterthought’ sleeves, so there’s no seeming anywhere – which is wonderful.

Completed bodice for the Oriental Lily pattern

I’ve just finished the bodice and started the first few rows of the obi and I’m really pleased with it so far.  The bodice is set up very cleverly in a way where that’s hard to describe, but it folds over itself and you knit 20 or so stitches together the first time you join it into the round. It adds a nice origami feel to this Japanese inspired piece.

Moda Vera Playful, could I have the first die lot?

I’m using Spotlight’s new Moda Vera Playful 100% superwash wool in a pink print with a solid pink for the not so contrasting obi.  This wool is so new that at the time of writing it isn’t even on Ravelry yet. My dye lot is 1001 and so could possibly be from the first lot ever.  I like the wool in general, but for some reason the colour range is just a little off.  The prints are warm toned while the solids are cool and so it’s hard to get a nice contrast together.  Otherwise it works up nicely, feels soft enough to wear next to the skin and has that nice 100% wool spring to it.  I think it would make lovely toys.  I let my daughter pick her own colours and shouldn’t have been surprised that I’m working with pink again.

What are your favourite colours to work with?

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One Response to New Project: Oriental Lily Dress (maybe a tunic, haven’t decided yet)

  1. Liz says:

    This is beautiful, I just love the bright colours 🙂 My favorite colour/s to work with are purple and the lovely cool teals, blues and greens that go with it. Can’t wait to see this finished 🙂

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