Combodia Knits – Backing my first Kickstarter

An exciting thing has happened.  Kickstarter is now available in Australia!!  Woohoo!

If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter it’s will worth checking out.  It’s an artsy themed crowd funding system. Which means that if you have a project (a pattern, a product, an art installation) that you want to ask people to give you money towards, this site helps you do that.  Usually people then get something in return for the amount of money that they pledge to the project but sometimes it’s more about being a part of making something happen.  It’s a very cool thing.

So, after going to Kickstarter’s presentation on Monday night I felt I should finally get around to supporting a project that I like.  In the lingo of Kickstarter this is called ‘backing’ and I am now a ‘backer’ for Cambodia Knits: Crocheting for Good.  At the level I pledged at I get a crochet pattern and help one of the most beautiful places in the world that has also been terribly damaged by war.  How awesome is that?!?


So, have you ever used Kickstarter?  What did you back or even what was your project?

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